i <3 mark hamill

December 18, 2008
mark hamill on
the muppet show

Google for "penis". Wikipedia's "Human penis size" comes before plain old article for "Penis" which is probably rather telling.
Also: Wikimedia Commons: "Note: This gallery does not need more general home-made images of penises." So much for my public service plan.
"Will It Blend?" makes me happy. What an excellent way of selling a product.
Wikipedia quote of the moment: "The Merovingian king was the master of the booty of war"-far more amused by "booty of war" than I should be.
CNN headline of the moment: "No good way to tell kids they have cancer". Almost ripe for dark humor, but it might be too sad for that.
Interesting trying to explain "Yankee Swaps" to Finns, esp. when you're a little unclear on the rules yourself. Result: Sex in the City DVD.
Huh, googling it, we did a bad variation where you didn't get another pick if someone took your gift (but you got to unwrap before deciding)
Bldg Mgmt is giving us grief about handing out individual bathroom keys--having to ask the guard for the key is low-dignity all around.