the puritan work ethic is gettin' me down

Wednesday. What a dumb way of spelling a day.

Userpics of the Moment

--For some reason the other day I woke up thinking of a few ideas for LiveJournal-ish userpics. I'm not sure if they're very good, plus they might be a bit hard to read. (Also they're all either attacking or praising, which is also more "macro-y" and less LJ-ish.)

Quote of the Moment
By the 1960s, the average American was producing twice as much as only fifteen years before. In theory at least, people could now afford to work a four-hour day, or two-and-a-half-day week, or six-month year and still maintain a standard of living equivalent to that enjoyed by people in 1950 when life was already pretty good--and arguably, in terms of stress and distraction and sense of urgency, in many respects much better. Instead, and almost uniquely among developed nations, Americans took none of the productivity gains in additional leisure. We decided to work and buy and have instead.
Bill Bryson, "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid".
I wonder if that "almost uniquely among developed nations" is true. If so... yeesh, I dunno. The Puritan Work Ethic is gettin' me down.
When I turn 35, I'm gonna let myself have a grand old midlife crisis... tattoo, bungee jump, skydive...
loresjoberg Same here... but I'm still kneejerk suspicious of AAC vs MP3s, and not enough of an audiophile to be worried about quality,
masukomi Money is the medium for transforming your time into things. I'd suggest it's more about rethinking your relationship with things.
Jill Sobule's "I Kissed A Girl"- so much better than Katy Perry's. (Plus Fabio!) Only the "Cherry Chapstick" line redeems the latter, almost