January 18, 2009


Hunt feeling not so bad. Scavenger activity went well and was fun. "Courier Bag" is an anagram for "Aerobic Rug" (Yoga Mat), so we did that.
Sarah explained my willingness to have the MIT Seal imprinted on my collarbone and keep score on sharpie on arm is why she likes me.
Just saw someone drinking from a water fountain. Been a *while*! I remember Germans thought that odd, in high school; maybe they were right
The Letter W and The Number Seven: the Polysyllabic Dorks of their respective little worlds.
via Bill the Splut, 5 second movies: http://tinyurl.com/77q2ge - man do I dig brevity!
Happier with my role at the Hunt, seeing myself as the Sanch Panza to these puzzley Don Quixotes.
No corporation will ever pay a creator enough to sue them successfully.
Dave Sim

Geek note: how deeply ingrained is "i" as my generic counter variable?
Solving 3D Minesweeper Arrangement problems by brute force. Did I mentioned I slept in a sleeping bag on a table last night?
Geekery: need to learn to think in regular expressions... I use substr and iteration when I should just do regex groups. Bauer showed me up!
Done with the hunt. Unwinding. Terribly ugly non-pass interference call at the end of Philly vs Arizona.
Mystery Hunt made me feel like Gollum in the Hobbit... "What have I got in my pocket?" isn't that hard a question, but it feels unfair.