is this real life?

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February 4, 2009

--Making the rounds, the trip home from the dentist...MAN, why can't I find a dentist who uses that stuff rather than then jabbing my gums with novocaine?
Does 13 years of experience plus 1 or 2 in college justify a 3 page resume? Or should I start ignoring or squashing the early stuff?
Man, my pixel art idea for a kisrael redesign looks like sheer crap. Sheer, pixelated crap.
"I thought the girl was charming"
Truman Capote (on Linda Lovelace in "Deep Throat")

Heh. My former manager set out a cancel notice for our weekly 1-on-1s with the following message body: :-(
Closeups of football players in HD during the SB national anthem were very stubbley. Disturbingly so.
The-well,a- trouble with angstily putting off email is you finally get to it all, feel great w/ empty inbox, then BAM- the replies come in.
It's funny that more people don't giggle at the term "windbreaker"
"Come at me like a panther 'cause you know yes is my answer" had to be the hottest Deee-lite lyric ever. Lady Miss Kier FTW