the lobstah and the buttah

February 9, 2009
--This Non Sequitur panel ("ask not what the buttah can do fah the lobstah, but what the LOBSTA can do fah the BUTTAH") stuck with me. It seems like a valid culinary point, besides the JFK reference (I find the JFK quote a little over-rated. FDR's "fear itself" quote seems a lot more useful to me.)

Doing that guy thing of reading about WW2 military vehicles. Sounds like the Sherman tank was the TIE fighter of the conflict. - chart of job loss, the recessions of 90, '01, and now. Yikes.
Concept (and title) of the moment: "all cats have asperger syndrome"
I've "shazam"d 2 cool songs w/ chicken instrumentals: MIA's Bird Flu, Kraak+Smaak's Keep on Searching. Chickens: Not Just For "In The Mood"
Visited the Mapparium today, a goofy little Boston treasures, a 3-story-tall glass globe of the world- crazy fun acoustics. Recommended - a half hour of every swear on the Sopranos in rapidfire succession. Hypnotic. Whew. I swear too much.