valentine's blender of love

February 14, 2009
--A watercolor I did (alongside EBB) for this month's Blender of Love, 2009 Valentine edition.

It bums me out that I'm not as good at multitasking as I think I used to be. I used to enjoy having a TV or radio on while working, more than I do now. (Some of it might be a working at desk vs working on couch thing) - this is a special site, in a few senses of the word. "Ulillillia" seems to have Asperger's, or similar, and his site is an unfiltered look into a way of thinking that is both familiar and alien. is a reasonably sympathetic (well, as sympathetic as ED gets) summary.
Just found out about the baker "Japonaise" in Brookline... rice balls and plain Calpis (like Sprite but creamy instead of carbonated)- the market at Porter Exchange only has the fruity versions. Sweet!

Love and stoplights can be cruel.
Sesame Street

Always a bit paranoid that I accidentally have an ethernet "crossover cable", not a normal, even though they're WAY out of vogue these days.
On an aggressively anti-Valentine date with cmg. Hooters, in fact. When did people start bringng their kids here?