i don't like cricket

February 27, 2009

--The Mighty Boosh. It's kind of like a less cerebral descendant of Kaufman's Mighty Mouse sketch.

"Probably it's simply that stupidity more often takes the form of having few ideas than wrong ones."

Am using a Mac a bit. The instant suspend/resume is so lovely.
Messing with the Shangri-La diet. The hunger suppression is almost eerie, especially since I mostly associate this kind of lack of hunger with being sick... or other people who are REALLY sick.
http://myabortion.tumblr.com/ - oof. Like Nerve.com says: "if it's real, it's kind of amazing. And by amazing, we mean horrifying. We're pro-choice, but on this, we're conflicted. And if you're not, you're surer of your ideals than we are."
http://blog.ihobo.com/2009/02/why-you-play-games.html - why you play games, based on pleasure centers of the brain
Gmail's OSX notifier wants me to clear my inbox of unread stuff, lest it be this splash of red on a monochrome status bar.
1929 + 2007 had consumer debt = 100% GDP. I want to yell at everyone for living beyond their means but I know I've been so lucky salary wise