"it gives you pep, see?" --greg bauer, 1992

March 3, 2009

So, famously, Pepsi adopted a new logo. (Actually, with variations: a more slender gap for diet, a larger gap for max.) Here is some of their new campaign at South Station, always the place for giant faux-agitprop monumental banners:

And here is the previous logo, still visible here and there:

I liked that the old logo seemed like a shoutout to Daoist balance of Ying/Yang, albeit with a large border between. So the new logo can be taken as a weird kind of shaking up of the universe, if one were so inclined to free mix Asian religion and pop culture via Jungian synchronicity.

Followup! China might not get the new logo, which totally reinforces the Yin/Yang theory. PLUS! When did Pepsi announce the new logo? October. When did the Dow/Jones cross 10K and then continue tanking? I rest my case.

Huh... so, I guess there was a (unverified) redesign document that put the new logo in such grandiose terms (though it might just be a hoax) that MightyGodKing.com had some fun with it...showing how Pepsi will save the Earth:

and How Pac-Man Reacts to Different Pepsi Logos:

(The core images were actually from that document; I had assumed they were original.)

But after all that, I think I'd like to let Lawrence Yang have the final word:

"if you don't ask the right questions / every answer seems wrong."
--Ani DiFranco
http://slacktivist.typepad.com/slacktivist/2009/03/h-e-double-hockey-sticks.html - some thoughtful observations about hell as it appears in the Bible, and how weird it is to become such the focus of so many Evangelicals.
Last Tuesday I interviewed for a job I am really hoping to land. They said it was prescreened to me and one other applicant who was talking with them today. If my nemesis' schedule mirrors mine, in 40 minutes they'll get underway. My time there went well but I have no idea if I'm up against a rockstar or a shlub! Ugh!
Yesterday I tried one of those handheld scanners at Stop and Shop. So not worth it, even if you try to minimize human contact while shopping. Plus it caused me to inadvertently shoplift.
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123604419092515347.html - WSJ argues that 2 months of Obama has made things worse... the assumption that this would be a typical downturn save for Obama's anti-capitalist plans. That's a huge stretch of course, but when could we switch blame from Bush to Obama?
http://paulgraham.com/convergence.html : tv + computers = ...tv. I know about hulu, but do people sit and watch full shows on PC screens?
Housesitting in Rockport. Theory: change of venue = massive, less-distraction productivity. Practice: endless Youtube surfing.