enuf iz enuf?

March 5, 2009

--By Miller (original here).

Now is as good as time as any to mention his hypercute turtle shirts for sale.

Also-- he will likely be looking for a housemate for his place in Arlington Center. So if you want to live in a great little community, not too far off the beaten path but with plenty of cafes, indy cinemas, a bookshop, and great little restaurants, and/or are SO obsessed with me you want to live where I used to, drop me a line and I'll set you up.

Harveyjames says yesterday's lament for OK Soda is "an Altermodernist's nostalgia for the more innocent and simple postmodern era"
NPR is economy, economy, economy, terrorism, economy, economy, sports. I think the CNN/foxnews/Internet cycle is an amplifying force.