March 21, 2009
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rgbwar - source - built with processing
A Glorious Trainwreck for Klik of the Month Klub #21. More of a toy than a game... press space to reset the RGB armies. They swarm around (there's some pseudo-flocking behavior built-in) and shoot each other with lasers. The faster they're moving, the faster their lasers are recharging, and flocks tend to move faster than individuals. Also you can use the mouse to mess with individual blobs a bit.

There might be a metaphor in how as the war goes on everyone becomes an indistinct charred husk.
The parts of a car that look the most like a car are some of the least complicated and least important parts in how it works. As with people.

http://nelson.oldradio.com/origins.call-list.html - what call letters were meant to stand for