thinking is not a crime

April 28, 2009
--My buddy Leonard and his wife Sumana have finished editing their sci-fi slushpile rescue compilation Thoughtcrime Experiments -- I love their collaborative investment of time, money, and energy to make that happen. (This here is Patrick Farley's "Gaia's Strange Seedlike Brood", one of the pieces they commissioned for it.) - rules of English grammar you didn't know you knew, fascinating - fun trying to think about the metapattern.
Teller and the neuroscience of Magic , great stuff.
GeoCities is going away? - Boo. It was terrible but egalitarianly terrible, the first real implementation of the web's anyone-can-publish model.
This recent softer world cartoon has been rattling in my brain ever since I first saw it.
Bad News: seemingly likely job offer fell through (changing of the guard at the company, perhaps...) Great News: starting May 1 I am fulltime at Lincoln Peak!