we get so much beauty for free in life

Rudy Rucker writes:
If it was for some reason hard to see clouds, can you imagine how much people would pay for the privilege? Like, if there was only one spot on Earth that had clouds, everyone would be going there and having these big spiritual experiences just from seeing the clouds.

This is a cloud I saw in Big Sur. We get so much beauty for free in life.

"From the data, from that picture the Air Force took tonight, what we've got out there is the original pilot ship. On the basis of observations, the others were guided down. Pattern-wise, one lands, then two, making groups of three, joined magnetically. Is that possible?"
"If they do it, it is."
General Mann and Dr. Forrester, War of the Worlds (1953).
You know, I liked this at first, but realized there's an implicit "or could our data be wrong / could this be an illusion" that Forrester is ignoring...
We will look at how gay couples [in Massachusetts] are making out.
WBUR's Tom Ashbrook, just now. Sounds kind of personal!

God is perfect, why did He create discontinuous functions?

You can't take your dick out on the moon.

Bought a cheapish 23" wiiiiide monitor. I love how my desktop wallpaper of the Lynn shore peeks out the sides of the browser window-