then he COULD see her now, wouldn't that be better?


....and now we're in the future they're talking about. Sort of. The sardonic, skeptical tone of this video is terrific. Along with the goofy technology. And the Benny Hill-esque closing music.

Like all compromises, the CA supreme court's decision to allow marriages made in the pre-Prop 8 interval likely annoys people on both sides of the issue. I like to think of it as a ugly, harsh, modern California respecting the "Full Faith and Credit" clause in regard to its former, friendlier self. (But I really would like to see Prop 8 get smashed away by the voters... 52% seems like an awfully small number for Constitutional "amendments")
This chart makes me sad: -- too many java ajax jsf toolkits, too little time.
The man we know as Ernest Hemingway was actually a collective of highly-literate elephant seals operating an elaborate bearded puppet.

His 'suicide' was the result of increased orca activity.

"Ice Road Truckers", "Most Dangerous Catch"... I'm waiting for "Tough but Dumb Camera Crews"