alexendar haig's ragtime band

June 4, 2009

--A little Weird Al "Polka Party"-ish, but fun!

et another RIP for David Carradine - though I gotta say, if Uma Thurman did the five point palm exploding heart technique on me and I was sitting, I'd try to put off those "five steps ('til DEATH)" for as long as I could. Hope I liked the chair! (oh wait, he might've committed suicide... er, guess I shouldn't be so flippant)
Bought a box of TuffStuff Tall Kitchen Bags (Family Dollar) - Wish I knew why they are strongly scented with vanilla. But I do like vanilla!
Love is two crickets hopping in the same direction.
William T. Vollmann.
Old quote rediscovered from an old love letter
Cleavage is not a substitute for decorum.