pretty colour crackdown

June 21, 2009

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pretty colour crackdown - source - built with processing

My entry for Klik of the Month Klub #24 - what I said about it there:

this is rainbow invader legion genocide pretty colour crackdown

i recommend you don't actually play this but instead just watch the invaders flow around the current mouse location

if you want to play just hold the fire button to send in a stream of bullets to kill them.

if you feel guilty about that, and you probably should, press space to send in another 100 invaders.

UPDATE: I kind of like the initial "orbit around the individual random starting points" look of when the app first starts, something you couldn't get to once they started tracking where the mouse had been, so now after 30 seconds of not moving the mouse, the invaders return to that pattern.

Actually this used to be "rainbow invader legion genocide" but on the site Six wrote
makes me feel like a riot cop firing into a group of people who are staging a demonstration about how much they love pretty colours.
So that's the theme I'm going with, and I changed the bullets from rainbow to monochrome to match.