maryland reunion filler: ducks and kaleidoscopes and things

June 27, 2009

The gray area is holy ground.
Marilyn McEntyre, in "How to Read the Bible", taking a stand against Biblical literalism

The typical laptop is such a beautiful study in self-sufficient grace and technological wonder...
Digging Chrome. Don't like its "tab sorting" though, bummed Firefox might emulate. Prefer tab bar as chronology of opening, wish for option!
Oh I almost forgot--you probably shouldn't have sex with Skinhead Katrina.

If you do have sex with Skinhead Katrina, and you do it around the side of the house during a party, know that you will never live it down. Your asshole friends will be putting that shit on the Internet ten years later. You didn't even know the Internet was going to be invented, did you? Ha ha! Should've kept it in your pants, Caligula.
Patrick Hughes, "Diary of Indignities" - nifty little playable artsy commentaries on classic games - stroke victim brain scientist: a bit hippy, a bit bad drug trip, quiet a bit Oliver Sachs Sacks...
My mom has a book of quotes on aging "Old Age Comes at a Bad Time". An alarming number of them use my current age, 35, as kind of a marker of a turning point.