do electric sheep dream of androids?

August 3, 2009
--Very psyched that Patrick Farley's lamented electric sheep comics is getting a reboot, domain squatters be damned.

The archive index has great stuff like Overheard at the Rave (image here from that), the Apocamon literalist take on Revelation, and the brilliant The Guy I Almost Was. - hate to say it but I kind of agree with the haters on this one... kind of cool but it was just too big and sunglassesy. (Boingboing is right that it's good for the copyright holders to relax and make money than clamp down.)
Last night at Arian's cookout we played the "game of questions", converse only in questions, (as seen in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead") Even the non-sequiturs-allowed variant we played fun (and challenging for some, though I found it pretty easy to pre-think of what to say.)
random gmail ad of the moment : - is it just me or is it that a little creepy?
Dinner with old coworker/project lead Rob. He used the phrase "animated conversation" - that's a good word for some of what I'm looking for-
I've never seen how the New York freeways bend, 'like a woman having an orgasm,'