play the guitar just like ringing your bell

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August 13, 2009

I was talking about this the other day... and Tubas like Bass, only much more so.

"You're so humble.... I mean, for someone so full of himself, you are humble."
--Amber to me this morning
"'The brain seems to be more stingy with mechanisms for pleasure than for desire,' Berridge has said. This makes evolutionary sense. Creatures that lack motivation, that find it easy to slip into oblivious rapture, are likely to lead short (if happy) lives."
--Emily Yoffe in on Google, Dopamine, and your Brain.
"The time you spend reading this tweet is gone, lost forever, carrying you closer to death. Am trying not to abuse privilege."
-- (of Doonesbury fame) - forgot how much I dig "Dice Wars". Like a dumbed-down "Risk".
Decades ago I noticed that any month that has a Friday the 13th starts with a Sunday... err, FWIW.