thou shalt not


--Life magazine put together this kind of noir parody of the Hays Code "Thou Shalt Nots", what you weren't allowed to show in movies of the time.
I. Law Defeated
II. Inside of Thigh
III. Lace Lingerie
IV. Dead Man
V. Narcotics
VI. Drinking
VII. Exposed Bosom
VIII. Gambling
IX. Pointing Gun
X. Tommy Gun
Seems like it would have been more efficient to have the woman pointing a Tommy Gun rather than having it awkwardly posed on the cop's head, but hey.
"It's the librarian fantasy, man -- glasses off, hair down... ...books flyin'"
"She doesn't wear glasses."
"Buy her some, it's worth it."
The Station Agent, extremely quirky film - one of the funnier twitters I've seen in a while. - news of the old, insects stepping in as the ghosts in Pac-Man
(In)famously, Apple's official recommendation for fixing the ill-fated Apple III was drop from a height of several inches. Oddly, for now this seems to have fixed my PC which was shutting itself off for no good reason.

(Note to future self: HP gear is attractive from a design standpoint, but ranks rather low on reliability and preloaded-with-crapware metrics. Heed this.)

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