September 17, 2009

Studies in alien bill: a business card, a BMP to put in a VB program, and the old animation:

Heheh, after the break-up, and once the ex- moved on, I guess I was trying to delete a folder or something with her name:

An old virtual birthday card/gift:

Speaking of pixeltime yesterday, here's what the drawing interface looked like when I was doing a Y2K image: (I think I started the circle in the wrong place and had to move it over line by line)

Two old maps, one to the Big Yellow House, one to my old job...

The other day Amber mentioned never seeing me in jeans... I have no idea why I scanned in this picture and saved it here, but - there are jeans.

My mom talks about how these Peanuts cartoons, with Snoopy acting out bible stories, really struck a chord in my dad... she framed a different, similar one.

My a cappella group sQ always felt like the underdog when I was there, so I was proposing this crude photoshop for concert fliers:

Finally, my dear old Tandy 1100, though I'm not sure if I took these images or if it's someone else's-- probably the latter...

http://www.cracked.com/photoshop_85_if-video-games-were-realistic/ - more realistic video games
http://safetycenter.navy.mil/photo/index.asp - Naval Safety Center Photo of the Week. Kind of a less wacky "Safety FAIL" blog.
http://www.foddy.net/Cricket.html - repost of a fun little Cricket game. Great use of Box2D.
http://www.mvhsdrama.com/50sSlang.htm - slang of the 50s. Like crazy, man.
http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/C-3PX - Cracked was making fun of it but I find something really appealing about a C3P0 assassin droid.