single ladies redux


--Really starting to dig this whole genre of "playful covers of recent hiphop/pop". - one theory to explain all of Superman's myriad abilities. - mixed feelings about seeing all the nominated-for-deletion wiki articles. Some of that stuff seems brilliant. - in theory I like the idea of "one nice image a day" (purposefully ephemeral, in that it's not easy to save or review the old ones.) In practice, eh.
TOPTIP: add "pwn" after the http:// for any youtube URL (for example, for today's) and you get to a website that still lets you download the .flv -- 'cause the link for the MP3 for today's video didn't work. - I like to take snapshots of screens, like my travel itinerary. The food/diet idea is interesting. - disney tiltshift. Still amazed at what an illusion mere focus can make!