where the wild things were


Daphaknee points out that Vice magazine has a totally excellent PDF with lots of artists reinterpreting "Where the Wild Things Are" including this one by her Japanese Comic favorite Kago Shintaro (warning, strange and pervy- but evocative and brilliant - stuff if you dig into that link there.)
The Dawkins vs Armstrong dueling essays from WSJ that my UU Science and Spirituality discussed last night. Dawkins is a fundamentalist literalist who just happens to have truth on his side. Doesn't mean he's 100% right though - I really think fundamentalism of all stripes is the core problem, when faith becomes more important than life. (But at least Dawkins is a fundie about the process - the scientific process - and not just the current result of that, the scientific consensus, such as it is.)
http://alienbill.com/2600/playerpalnext.html - way too often I find myself cribbing CSS/Javascript from that page I made back in the day.