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October 30, 2009
Jim Graves pinged me on IM, we hadn't talked in a long while...
jim: howdy.
kirk: YO
jim: alright, chat at you next year :p
kirk: see ya then!

43 minutes elapse - this why I like Jim, making room to let comedy happen- the delay could've been a day and I would have been giggling the entire time.
jim: did Microsoft release some malicious code that slows down XP installs? Mine has been dogging for about 2months
kirk: I just got a metric tonload of updates
past few days though not past few months
So how's life up there at the Lowell conecctor
he asks
from his workplace in Andover
jim: lol. it's been rainy and leafy
kirk: any halloween plans?
jim: we're going to a roller derby costume party. i think.
what are you doing?
kirk: my ex housemate Miller's shindig
jim: will there be a disco ball?
kirk: I might go as a Feynman Diagram.
untouchable in the India sense of the word.
jim: Not too shabby.
I have gone the other direction in my costume choice.
ultra lazy... i'll be putting on glitter body cream and going as a twilight vampire.
kirk: man, that'll probably be a chick magnet
jim: the best part is, i can wear whatever I want.
as long as i have the body glitter on under it
so are you going to decay into a few pions?
kirk: IF I'M LUCKY!!!!
jim: i know very little quantum mechanics
extremely little
kirk: i see what you did there.

--Jim and me yesterday. Man, I have a lot less funny IM banter in my life than I used to. I blame facebook.

Also this was on gtalk, but I still feel compelled to make AIM-like red and blue marks of who is talking.

I just had the dumbest time with some lost car keys. They were gone, gone, gone, the car searched top to bottom, until they weren't.
There is no such thing as an ending. Or a begining, for that matter. Everything is middle.
Eoin Colfer, "And Another Thing"
Just finished the audiobook for this heretical non-Douglas Adams sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide and you know-- it was pretty good, if a bit long. - on the lie of 7 stages of grief, and the resilience most people have - "What looks like strength, in Bonanno's book, is almost always strength." - Slate on how a parked Porsche is more eco-friendly than a in-use Prius. No crap, you elitist twerp.