do two negatives make a positive?

November 15, 2009
Negative of a negative Amber found in a cupboard in her house, presumably of some previous occupant. (I mirrored it here, not sure which way it's supposed to go but this looks a bit more balanced)

Ariana had her 30th birthday, and it had a Steampunk theme! (My costume was muted, an oddly militaristic outfit, a trenchcoat adorned with 2 steamish looking pipes, and an authentic late-1800s Voltmeter I found in the basement that I lugged around despite its weighing a good 15 pounds.) But Ariana was in full corset-and-bandolier regalia--

Michi, who helped arrange things and then flew in from Chicago, was probably the belle of the ball, what with her firedancing in the backyard and all... kind of amazing!

"I find it hard to be sympathetic toward beggars when they have smartphones, even if they are Blackberries."
Why did Dr. Manhattan cross the road?
It is May 18, 1979. I am crossing a road.

november loveblender

Defense has to be the best part of most sports. These guys can throw and catch in their sleep; how do you stop that?
Least favorite part about undefeated Colts; those guys don't even try for unbeaten seasons, so the Dolphins' achievement will go unchallenged.