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--excerpt from Essential 3rd Act Twists - it was even worth looking up "Peripeteia" and "Anagnorisis"!
Sometimes I regret picking "kirkjerk" as my nom de web, and not kirkles, kirkamundo, or thegreatkirkini (names I used when I thought I had lost my AIM password) -- people think I identify with jerks or something. But I'm loathe to change it, because consistent online identity is important to me.
http://tweetcloud.icodeforlove.com/kirkjerk/52401 - my tweetcloud, most frequent words I twittered over the past 6 months: love, people, time.
There's a profound statement in American consumerism in how a 2-liter costs less than most 20 oz bottles, and both cost less than most water
Alarmingly, my iPhone tries to autocorrect "ringtones" as "ringtonez".
Dig the feeling when I've been coding for most of a day and only after does my sore jaw tell me I've been so focused I've been clenching it.