javadvent calendar day 1


So this year I've decided to turn this site into a big Java Advent Calendar for the run up to Christmas! Every day you'll get a small Java toy or game, a little interactive amuse-bouch.

I've also made a bookmarkable Javadvent Calendar page if you prefer. My site will continue it's usual twitter-ish collection of quotes and links and random observations though...

This project is kind of inspired by the Advent Calendars I had growing up, the one Lego puts out (I'm doing one this year) and the Perl Advent Calendar project. Also by this Game-A-Day project and the little toys you got with Warioware Twisted.

(How do you make homophobia even more wrong-headed and harmful? By trying to use homophobia to suppress action against climate change. Colson stands by his "principles" come Hell or high water because, apparently, Hell and high water are his principles.)