javadvent calendar day 4

December 4, 2009

Regarding farting in space, I'm not sure if the smell or the spinning around would be more nauseating.
Just discovered where people can share their java sketches - here's a great one:
Almost as interesting as all this social etymology is how depressed Dick looks in panel two. "Am I ready for long-hair music?" he asks himself, as if this was the last stage in a man's life before death. "Normally the only music I listen to is made up of perps begging for mercy as their bones are shattered. Has it really come to this?"
--The Comics Curmudgeon on Dick Tracy
C# Compiler sucks ass through a straw, especially in terms of locating errors. My opinion of Visual Studio is through the basement.
Sometimes I forget how my name is soaked in religion: Kirk the Scottish church, Logan the evangelist, and, well, Israel.