javadvent calendar day 11 - happy hanukkah!

December 11, 2009

Man, my GPS that was stolen was rather easy to replace with a newer model, but the cheap MP3-to-FM-adapter I got, not so much. Can't find it at Walgreens, and most other models don't have the nifty bass boost feature... FWIW the adapters that use the headphone jack A. work with every MP3 player and B. let you crank the volume and get a stronger signal to the radio. It's frustrating to have a car that can play MP3s if they're burnt to disc, but then the cheaped out on the fifty sense to have a stupid plug in the thing. Hell, sometimes it would seem better to have a cassette deck, the adapter would be easy then.
"I wish when I was born my first word would've been 'quote' so that right before I died I could say 'end quote'"
--Steven Wright. Hmm, maybe I should try to get EBB2's first word to be "quote" - "antidisestablishmentarianism" might be a little too ambitious anyway.
"The point isn't to 'understand' music. It's to empathize with it."
--Roger Ebert
Sigh, yet another work account set up for "kisreal" not "kisrael". An easy enough mistake, but still... semi-seriously (well, very semi-) changing my name to "Kirk Is".