holiday photos day 2!

December 27, 2009
DJ Santa at Macy's, Downtown Crossing...

Walgreens has, like, WAY too many Giftcards to choose from these days. It's almost like having to pick out an actual gift!

My Mom took this shot proving Virginia is for (Snow) Lovers - who knew?

I liked this self-portrait my mom made as she shoveled.

Amber was NH bound for Christmas, and I headed down with my Aunt and Uncle to our familial place in Ocean Grove New Jersey.

In Connecticut you see these signs that have been defaced by removal of the "SON". I'm not sure what happened to the N on this one, but I think the idea is that "SON" will be a shinier white and it's a religious "Son of God" thing.

Whenever I'm at the shore I kind of make it a rule to taste a little saltwater at least...

People crosscountry ski on the shore in New Jersey!

You know, I decided the Japanese V-sign is fun in photos, if only 'cause it gives you something to do besides stand and smile...

Our little tree in Ocean Grove with all that loot! (Well, there's a table under all that but still.)

My mom got her accordion Christmas Eve (and we actually did a bit of door to door caroling to some neighbor friends...) she seems pretty happy with it!

We had a lovely Christmas brunch laid out...

Christmas Day quote from my Aunt, after being accused of not being in the Christmas spirit: "Whaddya want from me? I'm wearing a pin!" To her credit, it was a very nice pin.

Sherlock Holmes: the rootin-tootinest episode of "Scooby Doo" set in Victorian England ever! (Not bad, actually, but unjelled in parts.) - MOBIUS STRIP BAGLE OMG (Catching up on like, a month of Boingboing)
Saw a guy playing a Hurdy-Gurdy at Harvard Square. Kind of like a mechanical stringed bagpipes - I thought it was just an adjective!