global game jammin'

So once again I'm doing the Global Game Jam, this year I'm at the Northeastern campus. Working with a team of 5 geeks - 3 Northeastern students and 1 alum from Harmonix. Cool stuff.

I love a good whiteboard photo, making it look like we're doing all kinds of interesting stuff:

click for larger version

And later, as I stare blearily at the clock from my position on the living-room couch, it also occurs to me that I can pass the night by buying some whiskey from the 24-hour drive-thru liquor store and then firing a gun right outside my bedroom window. I think I'm going to like it here after all.

Oatmeal is some sticky, STICKY stuff. They could make brick walls out of oatmeal.

Sneezing is like wet Tourette's.