if browsers were women

sam: http://www.sharenator.org/If_browsers_were_women/
amber: sad about Chrome, kinda :-(
              I am switchin' to Safari!
sam: IE is my favorite on this list, truly. :-)
amber: shoulda had a Mosaic one!
sam: How about a gopher one?
amber: LOL!!!! I'd hate to see that!
It would look. 
         Like this.  
amber: or like this?
Email exchange (massaged into a convo) between Amber and her friend Sam.
I kind of misread it and thought the stick figure was a good representation of the old text-based web browser "lynx"... I never used "gopher" much, but they functioned in similar ways, so the same joke works with both...
When all you have is a hammer, a nail, and 95 theses, everything looks like a church door.

http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/air_space/4344036.html how to (try and) survive a fall from 35,000 feet...
Battlestar Galactica the board game does a remarkable job of capturing the political infighting and hopeless despair of the series.