welcome to the working week

March 12, 2010
Something I wrote recently to rile up the Libertarian types who frequent a private message boards I sometimes frequent


So of, like, all the Industrialized world, we're the one with no minimum leave.

I know the Conservative/Libertarian view is it should be left strictly as a negotiation between employer and employee, but the fact is the base line for what's "typical" is awfully low here, getting 3 weeks feels like a triumph, when with many other places it would below the minimum.

It also makes me think about "productivity". Increased productivity does correlate with higher unemployment, right? To some degree. Take it too far and it's worse for everyone. But a small company that's squeaking by with 3 employees doesn't want to higher a 4th til this all blows over...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_time - when I hear about how bad Unions are, I think about the bumper sticker that points out it's what brought us to a 5 day, 40 hour working week. I value the 2 day weekend so much i can barely imagine life w/o it.

I think about this, from the great online mini graphic novel The Guy I Almost Was

What I would be doing for a living? I didn't care. According to OMNI magazine, the technological changes of the Eighties were going to be so vast, so profound, that the job market would be unrecognizable by the time I entered the workforce.
Nearly any job I trained for now would be obsolete by 1990. Computers and solar-powered robot factories would be doing most of the work. Consumer goods would be mostly free, and the U.N. would be paying us all not to work.

And of course that's a fantasy. But why? If it could work like that, would it be better? Or at least splitting the difference?

Heh, Lex, maybe with your studies in Utopia/Dystopia, youi can tell me which that would be...
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