stratos falls. and i'm frickin' thirty-six!


--"Fall Of Stratus" by Brian McCarty, from Under The Influence: Masters of the Universe Tribute Art Show. (Stratos was one of He-Man's buds, a bird-man with cool goggles. I was just a bit too old to really get into He-Man toys, but it was a fun little bit of pseudo-mythology.)
My birthday -- 36! That's a perfect square. Also, like two 18 year olds stuck together.
The whole fuss about Ricky Martin coming out made a little more sense once I realized it wasn't about that Rickroll "Never Gonna Give You Up" guy. But only a little.
Remember Tock the watchdog from "Phantom Tollbooth" who wigged out about "killing time"? Some days I need a wigout like that at work.