we are bathed in what can be called love

I had an epiphany once that I wish I could stimulate in everyone else. The plausibility of our human world, the fact that the buildings don't all fall down and you can eat unpoisoned food that someone grew, is immediate palpable evidence of an ocean of goodwill and good behavior from almost everyone, living or dead. We are bathed in what can be called love.
Jaron Lanier, from "You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto"
Excellent choice of birthday gift from Amber!
Why do I keep hearing about Justin Bieber? It's like Paris Hilton circa 2003, hopefully minus the sex tape.
Funny how so many sites don't bother to set the color of the page background and assume it's white. Changing your browser default color breaks many of 'em..
Twitter is not a triumph of technology-- it's a triumph of humanity.
Biz Stone, Creative Director of Twitter.
Hubristic Creative Director is Hubristic!
Here's a decent JPEG rotator
sQuinceañera, 15th bday of my college a cappella group sQ
fun CSS hacks - , # before CSS property names and IE looks at it and other browsers don't? Yeesh.
When the girl with two forks met the boy with two knives at the Greek place on the corner... that's romance!