three geeks

3 flavors of geekness:
C=64 retro game geeks! What makes it kind of cool is if you think of it as "The Matrix" of the C=64 -- being able to peek at all the numbers behind the world of the game, in real time...

Disney Geeks!

Finally for the gadget geeks... what's thought to be the next iPhone... (more videos and details at the link) - the odd parallels between tampon and cigarette ads... - my new team is beta-ing an app to help kids 13-18 think about career options...let me know what you think!
From Cultivated Play: Farmville :
Even Zynga's designers seem well aware that their game is repetitive and shallow. As you advance through Farmville, you begin earning rewards that allow you to play Farmville less. Harvesting machines let you click four squares at once, and barns and coops let you manage groups of animals simultaneously, saving you hundreds of tedious mouse-clicks. In other words, the more you play Farmville the less you have to play Farmville. For such a popular game, this seems suspicious.
Heh. Wish I understood the draw of this kind of game better, maybe I could make money.
You know, Dunkin Donuts iced tea is really good and fresh-tasting. Trying to get away from gunky sweeteners, this might be the stuff.
"I solved all the girls," he whispered at me, wide-eyed, nostrils flaring, "by induction."