to the q


The Unreachable Pyramid from Brady Hall on Vimeo.

(Very mildly NSFW). See this if you have no idea what it's on about.)
Some Sony employee designed these folding studio-ish headphones so the hinge in the back grabs your neck hair when they're around your neck- boo.
Latest anti-pedant gripe: nowadays Decimate means, roughly, leave 10% standing, not destroy 1-in-10. Language evolves, and we're not the Roman military. (OED backs this, a bit)
I need a better word for my anti-pedantic gripes. (e.g. "ATM machine" and "PIN number" actually make sense-redundancy can strengthen language)
I tend to identify people by their hair. Also, when I doodle, I start with the hair (covers and frames head) Related?