star wars saga in 133 seconds

2010.05.10 - Harvey James' take on drawing people, and how many heads tall people are...
You'd think Buddhist practice would be good for weight loss: (acknowledge hunger, but as a transient feeling-) but the Buddha was kinda fat.
Fun Fact: my first nickname, given to me by my parents when I was a long but very chubby infant, was "The Buddha"
Funner Fact: my parents were odd enough that their friends thought maybe that was the name they picked, despite being protestant ministers.
Weird. My work computer has lots its ability to type capital "h". Lowercase is fine. Maybe the thing I do to swap out caps-lock for ctrl? - nice survey of bad ideas for "Utopias" - friends of mine help refugees. I'm sponsoring a triathalon-er buddy for $50. Wanna help too?
When Sumana calls my cell I like to answer the phone with a fake business name. Today I said:
L: Leonard's Apple-Eating Service.
S: What are you doing?
L: I'm eating an apple. I figured I'd try to turn my hobby into a business.

Every Bostonite who freaked out about "the aquapocalypse" should text "Flood" to 90999 and donate $10 to Salvation Army flood relief in Nashville - that's the real deal.
Netflix on Wii is awesomer than I expected. Season 1 of The Office, yay! Weird how "on demand" life is becoming.