May 17, 2010

--One of the parts of our MFA visit I liked the most was the exhibit of photographer Harry Callahan's work, especially his Eleanor series, one shown here. Just simple and beautiful over all.
Just read "1001 MAD Pages You Must Read Before You Die" - many grins, few laughs in all. But, weirdly influential to my young self. Like "Little Known Celebrity Cult Groups"- I guess it taught my 7 year old self a bit of a something about Ed McMahon, Jerry Lewis, Renee Richards, Woody Allen, Rodney Dangerfield Dangerfield, and McLean Stevenson...

http://gawker.com/5539717/steve-jobs-offers-world-freedom-from-porn?skyline=true&s=i - Jobs email catfight! "Freedom From Porn"? There's the web ya? Anyway it seems like a charging App Store could be better age gatekeeper than the web is-- it's just to stop the morality police from kvetching, like in schools...
Jobs' publicly available email must lead lots of nerds to "set him straight" after an exchange like that-wonder how he/they sort through it?