June 6, 2010

...kind of a matched set with yesterday's Spock. (And reminds me why I prefer the old series a bit.) via gifanime

5 "LAIVA" bookshelves assembled! (cheaper/cooler than BILLY/EXPEDIT) Moving Plus: Reshelving books gets you reacquainted with your library!
Heh, detail of dating a bookseller's daughter: Amber labels boxes of small cheap paperbacks "mm", i.e. "mass-market" -- so cute!
"Want help with that?"
"Nah, I'm like 85% done."
"That's when it's best to offer- you taught me that."
"Hey, not on purpose!"
Amber and Me

Amber hammers with stronger blows; fewer blows=fewer chances to mess up. I use more blows, compensate for small errors. This difference probably mirrors how we cope with life in general.
Big thunderstorms, trees down in Arlington and Cambridge