cada uno es libre de usar protector solar

June 11, 2010

--from Marcos' FB... never saw the video for this... don't know if there's a version sans subtitles. Still, I love the sentiment
"Big Wheels" were so cool, like a Mad Max take on a typical kid's tricycle.
"Redoubtable" is one of those dumb words that means about the opposite of what it sounds like, ala "inflammable".

Wondered why Steve "No Porn on iPads" Jobs didn't install a rating system on the AppStore. Now I see they have one and "parental locks" on devices- why can't they just rely on that?
Dangerously mixed metaphor: "It's like the pot calling the kettle watched."
Luxuriating in long summer days; haunted by the feeling of not long enough-miss SUPER-long westerly Cleveland days, and the fireflies after.