how did we live before as-seen-on-tv?

June 23, 2010
--Bill the Splut. Schadenfreude ahoy! (UPDATE 2019 Might not quite be the original video now defunct)
My most successful diets are "hobgobln diets" based on Foolish Consistency; currently lunches of Wendys Taco Salad. And atomic fireballs. I think this works for me partially because shutting down choice for lunch stills my novelty (and calorie) seeking behavior the rest of the day. - Seinfeld vs Lady Gaga. He sounds like an unfunny old-hack crank.
Fire Alarm! Everyone exits the building. All Clear. Elevators will be a madhouse, so we all climb 8 tall stories back up... - pretty good image identification service! (Not just Google and Bing's "Find Similar Images" crap)

First in line at the Apple Store in Boston, around half past noon...

Sometimes I wish I could set Photoshop up with enough levels of Undo to take me back to, say, 1998.