the wonder woman that never was


--By Maris Wicks, from Cool Wonder Woman Costume Redesigns That You Won't See At DC -- mostly more traditional imaginings, but some awesome ideas.

So making the rounds is word of a new costume for Wonder Woman (SPOILER: she gets a very-90s jacket.) I like the design, but after reading this awesome roundtable on Wonder Woman's costume changes through the ages I gotta think it ain't no how permanent... (probably a lot less a deal than her "depowering" in the 1970s when she basically became Emma Peel...)

I Ride The Red Line

-- - "Toxo" - how a cat-based parasite predicts the winner of the World Cup. Maybe best not to think about it too much, especially cat owners.
Sneaking in games of "Strategery" during bathroom breaks. May be getting addicted to confidence-boosting microdoses of victory.
Damn it, I've just gone through I don't know how many months w/o thinking about eye floaters and now I can't stop noticing them.