atomic fireball: diet food

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So forming an oddly important part of my diet (down 8-10 lbs so far!) are classic "Atomic Fireball" candies... here is an animated GIF of them being packaged:

Cinnamon is thought of as an appetite suppressant and while there might not be any actual cinnamon in these I wonder if the spicy-sweetness might not have about the same effect. I think the flavor is "mouth-interesting enough", and each candy long lasting enough, that 2 or 3 of these during a workday keep from seeking out creamier, fattier sweet treats.

The animation comes from Ferrara Pan's Atomic Fire Ball Virtual Tour, showing the pearl-like process by which these things are made. (It's funny what a late-90s vibe that page has... I wish I could put my finger on what the older aspects are, from a design standpoint.)

Man. "Atomic Fireball" is kind of a scary name now that I stop and think about it.
Digital glitches are getting me down-the iPhone podcast w/ a FF-busting 00:00 time. the unresumable xbox live download (a helicopter :-( )
I agree with Slate that Red Remover is a good game.
Avoidance of embarrassment is the least worthwhile of motives.

What I recommend is, when life gives you lemons: (1) Buy a bunch of Hefty bags! (2) Fill the Hefty bags with lemons! (3) Lug the bags to the curb! And (4) Call a certified waste-disposal contractor to haul away the piles of lemons now rotting in the sun!