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--Detail from this brilliant work about the creative process, from the web comic subnormality...

Thought for the day: it just occurred to me how incredibly ironic it is that, when the Pledge of Allegiance was changed in 1954, they actually put 'under God' in between the words one nation and indivisible.
Phil Plait (via Bill the Splut) -- man, what a tin ear they had when they did made that blow against secular pluralism.

Note to future self: again, a param tag name="wmode" value="transparent" helps embedded Flash rest comfortably BEHIND div popups.
A little irritated HTML5 ditches framesets -seemed like great solution for keeping an index visible during browsing, what to use instead?
#RedSox fans should tip their cap, for George Steinbrenner gave excellent villain, and helped make for a whale of a rivalry.