can't face it

--via Kotaku's When Video Games Go Wrong which is mostly taken from the site I Get Your Fail, about weird bugs that show up in game development.
Holy shit. It's 20-fuckin-10 and this laptop cannot install a god damn Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. What. The. Fuck. (Especially because the laptop's pre-windows boot menu has NO GODDAMN PROBLEM understanding that hey- it's a fucking keyboard, the kind people type on.)
And now endless bluescreens. SON OF A FUCKING BITCH. It is a mother fucking KEYBOARD. It is not god damn rocket science. Now I look like an asshole for wanting a better keyboard. Fuck Fuck FUCK. It's like Windows 95 era USB all the fuck over again. - I like that swearing is distinct in the brain. Oddly I didn't learn to cuss 'til highschool. - "The Top Idea in your Mind". I'm kind of annoyed that right now it seems to be "losing weight". (Also, for me it's less "shower" thinking and more what comes to mind while walking down the hall to the men's room)
That free #Tron game for iPhone is awesome- like Vindicators meets the spider level of the old Tron arcade game- damn I love tank games! Control scheme is dual 360 like Robotron, a bit like this one Mac tank game I saw way back when....