plastic to the bone

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Amber found this page of Tattooed Legos -- actually a promotion for Piot Extra Fine pens:

The flavorwire page has several more, including a rather amusing trampstamp.

I admire this on multiple levels: the intricate artwork, the cleverness of the idea of giving Lego guys tattoo, how well it shows off the capability of the pen, and how by sticking in the product, they do a good job of making sure people know what the campaign is for.
You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way navigators use stars.
Charles Kuralt

Apple's Magic Trackpad Ambitions: The Mouse Is Dead -- intriguing notion - if this is true, would it spread to PCs in general? I'm skeptical, the mouse utilizes precise muscles that the trackpad can't (I go a bit nuts if I go too long with only a trackpad.) But Apple has been a harbinger of old technologies' demise before: losing the floppy drive, and USB ports rather than specialized keyboard and mouse slots.