newbury street panorama


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This is the view off the patio of my company's cafeteria, overlooking Newbury Street. It is made with a super-nifty iPhone 4 program called You Gotta See This -- it utilizes the new gyroscope in the thing and is well worth the $2 price.

The photo is quite a lot like the collage FoSO shot with my borrowed Kodak DC20 back in like, '96 or '97 -- but now it's a heck of a lot easier.
Your life's Episode IV starts at 30. Everything before that is just prequels. - I guess what technology has given nerd romance in 'Net dating it is taking away with the rise of e-readers... - heh, just thinking about GORILLAS.BAS and Space Cadet Pinball. Seriously, someone out there is the best 3D Space Cadet player... I wonder who...
Strangely hungry this AM. Might end up being a 3-Atomic-Fireball morning.