hazy shade of winters

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--Jonathan Winters, back when prop comedy was based more on imagination and less on wacky oversized props. Funny how low key stuff was back then - and also, as one commentator noted, how Robin Williams stole his shtick. Also I really like his sound effects. (via)
New kitchen device: the kvetchen oven. "what? You've left me on? You want dry turkey? AND you run the AC? You think we're made of money?"

Rinku is like "I made a game from dreams and fears and starlight and it's kinda neat but I have no idea what you all are so obsessed with"

http://mightygodking.com/index.php/2010/08/08/what-the-hell-fox-news/ - Fox News takes on Mr. Rogers. Yeesh.
Factoid:[Tchaikovsky] would often hold his chin with his left hand while conducting after once imagining his head falling off his shoulders.