i love to waterski snowboard jetski skydive PARASAIL handglide rollerblade mountainbike bungeejump well i mean i'd love to do these things if i ever had the time

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For a while I've had in my head a list of three activities I'd like to do before I got too old: Skydive, Bungee Jump and Parasail...

Extreme Outsourcing. Just like the photos yesterday, it's always (academically) interesting to hear what kind of approaches work best at starting romance internetally, but even if I were looking, I think I'd have to be me.
"Kid, I don't know what kind of crap you're trying to pull here, but you are CLEARLY NOT A TEAPOT!!!" New day care guy: not working out.

The cool thing about snorting while laughing, really, is that it gives you something to do on the inhale....