american bandstand

August 30, 2010
Too more from the Rockport Legion Band last night... kinda cute how the kids were all running circles around the bandstand... - I should a link to this for "mortality for skeptics" ( )
The other week I found out my dad sometimes used the family name "Dyke" as a kind of second middle name. Snicker-worthy, but interesting.
So many headhunters are looking for roles all over the country. Are they just lazy or is there a whole subculture of migrant coders?
What is the speed of light? As far as you're concerned, it's nine inches per nanosecond.

Friend Indy's Hypothetical Drink idea -- Gin, Curacao for Blue Coloring, and Peach Rings (Yellow Side Up) -- it's a Gin + Sonic!

Just watched "The Big Chill" for the first time. Good flick, good soundtrack, good wishing for group of friends that cohesive(ish) and big.